Oh Friend, You are Not Too Sensitive

Woman seated, looking into sunset

Friend, with the soft heart and the tears that are quick to flow.  I see you. I am you.

And I know you’ve been told your whole life that you are too sensitive. But you are not. You are exactly who you were made to be.

“You’re just being too sensitive” is what a bully says to get us to shut up and accept their abuse. We won’t.

“You take things too personally” is what people say when they want to be able to mistreat us without any consequences. They can’t.

Too many of us heard these words from the ones who should have nurtured us and built us up.
Instead they tore us down, used our fragility against us.

Some of us are still hearing these words.

But YOU, my friend, are not too sensitive.

The human heart is designed to break and mend. To experience the pangs of harsh words and broken intentions.  To react to a broken world, broken relationships, broken community.

Your tender heart was crafted intentionally.  It is meant to be, just the way it is.

We, the sensitive ones, are the poets and prophets.  The ones who weep at a hurting world and still hope for healing when others have grown hard.

Oh sensitive one, we need you. Stay soft. Allow your heart to be wrenched by this heart-wrenching world.  Be sensitive.  Engage this broken world with all your senses and bravely trust that your fragility is a gift in a world that esteems power and bravado.

Be kind, my friends, to the inner child within.  Do not ask him or her to grow cold or distant or quiet.
You are not too sensitive.

This world so desperately needs your tears.

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