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Welcome to KellyOribine.com, a blog about the glorious juxtaposition of our brokenness and God's Grace.

About the blog

Is it okay to say this?  I never wanted to be a christian blogger.  In fact, if we are putting it all on the table, I'm generally not fond of Christian blogs. And I prefer my Christian writers to be of the long-since-dead variety, like A.W. Tozer and C.S. Lewis, Brennan Manning and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  But when I sat down and asked myself this question:  What one topic can I write about every friggin' day, for the rest of my life?,  the answer was easy: God's scandalous, unfathomable, enduring grace. 

So this blog is about messy faith. It's about looking for Jesus in the ordinary and the everyday and especially in the dark and desperate places.  It's about social justice and authentic community and defining ourselves as a people radically loved by God.

Here's what it's not.  It's not about tutorials and recipes and perfect seasonal vignettes, although those things are great.
It's not about marriage or parenting, although those things come up. 
It's not about rants and opinion pieces, although that is my default setting some days.

Just messy faith and scandalous grace and finding God in every nook and cranny of this difficult life. 


I am so honoured that you are here!  That people spend their finite, precious time reading my words is humbling and moving.

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