Radical Simplicity and a Beautiful, Messy Life


You long for a simpler home and life.
But everywhere you look you are surrounded by too much. Too much stuff, too many clothes, too many bills and too many to-do's.

Whether you just need some inspiration to declutter and minimize, or you are ready to fully embrace simplicity in every area of your life — you’re in the right place.

Since you’re here, you probably already know that you were created to do more than spend your precious, finite days buying, sorting, and storing STUFF!

But maybe you…
  • Don't know where to begin.
  • Need help knowing what to keep and what to purge.
  • Have been discouraged by past attempts to change and simplify.
  • Feel so overwhelmed by the chaos in your home and life that you throw in the towel before you've even begun.

You want to use your time, energy and finances to be the world-changing powerhouse that you are, not to be a curator of crappy stuff.

You’re READY to live life with purpose and intention.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

I get it. I’ve totally been there. Twice.  (More on that below)

My Name is Kelly Oribine and I am SUPER PASSIONATE about helping people minimalize, simplify, and declutter their homes and lives.  Consider me your own personal simple living coach.

But why do I Spend X hours a week writing about these things? 

Back in 2012 my husband and I woke up to the fact that we'd been collecting things as if they can provide security and joy. (They can't)  So we gave away half of everything we owned and became intentional about how we spent our time and money.  Our life ran smoother and we had so much more freedom and joy.

And then life hit us hard.  We spent several years in survival mode dealing with mental illness, addiction, family issues, and trauma.  Simplicity got lost in the mess and for a few years, convenience was king. 

And then in January 2018, when life was starting to tick along normally again, and some sanity had returned to our schedules, we hit a financial bottom.  We were in so much debt that we were at risk of losing our house.  Something had to change.  We needed to return to the simpler life that had once served us so well.  We needed to get intentional about how we spend our time, our energy, and our finances. 

And we needed to pay down debt.  Like, a lot of debt. 

So I returned to blogging (I once had a super successful homemaking blog) as a full time job.  We began selling our stuff, owning our schedules, and paying down debt like nobody's business.

So when I write about the journey of less, I'm writing from experience.  I know where you're at, no matter where you are along your journey.  I get it.  And I'm always preaching at myself here.  Because I need the reminder as much as anyone: stuff drags us down.

Here are some more fun facts about me:
  • I love coffee and Jesus and tattoos. 
  • I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and six kids, and a dog named Happy
  • I am going back to school full-time in the Fall 
As you can see, I am one busy mama, and I cannot afford to not practice what I preach.   If anyone gets why simplicity and intentional living matter, it's me!

Friend, I want to help you turn your home into the simple, serene, minimalist space I know it can be.  I want to help you tame your clutter, own your schedule, and build the life of purpose and Joy that you long for.  And I am going to do it with authenticity, because that's how I roll, y'all.

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And hey, thanks for being here. I'm honoured.