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6 Clothing Items to Declutter Right Now

Minimalist closet / wardrobe

Unless you have a ton of time and money, curating a simple minimalist wardrobe can be a process as you identify which types of items you need and those that you don't.  But there are some items you can discard today to make more room in your closet for the items that you actually wear and feel good in.

For me, the huge benefit of a minimalist wardrobe and clearing out the clutter is that it prevents frustration and decision fatigue.  When every item in your closet it something that you like wearing and feel good in, getting dressed becomes a delight.

Here are 6 clothing items to you can declutter today:

1. Items that don't fit properly.  Dress for the size you are, not the size you want to be.  Of course there are exceptions, for example, if you are actively losing weight or if you are currently pregnant and expect to fit back into your pre-pregnancy jeans soon.  But if you are passively hoping to someday fit into that dress again, toss it.  It's bringing way to much negativity into your closet.

2. Things that have holes or stains.  You want to feel like your best self each time you present yourself to the world.  Unless you work in a messy job you only need one set of painting clothes.  All other stained items can be turned into rags.  Torn items should either be mended immediately or discarded.  

3. Undergarments that have lost their stretch and support.  The right undergarments go a long way to make us look and feel our best.  If your bra doesn't offer support, or your underpants have lost their elasticity, ditch them.

4. Uncomfortable footwear.  The level of discomfort you are willing to endure for cute footwear is a personal matter; but anything that is so uncomfortable that you regularly choose not to wear them can go.  They are just taking up closet space, and mocking you with their unbearable cuteness. 

5. Stuff that really isn't "you".  We've all bought something because it fit and looked nice but when we really look at it, it just doesn't suit our style.  Ditch it and make room for stuff that reflects who you are. 

6. Anything that hasn't been worn in a year.  Or better yet, six months. If you didn't wear it last year you won't wear it this year. 

When we clear out the items we don't wear, getting dressed each day becomes easier and more enjoyable.  Our eyes and minds aren't cluttered with clothes we won't choose, and we are left with only great options.

Bonus tips for cleaning out your closet: 

  • Create a "uniform" for yourself.  Most days I either wear Black pants, a solid-coloured shirt, and a solid-coloured cardigan or an above the knee dress with fun leggings. Knowing your uniform can help you discern which items aren't practical for the way you dress
  • Get over how much you spent on that item.  We can get so hung up on "I spent x amount of dollars on this so I have to keep it." You get no more value out of the item if it sits in your closet than you do if you donate to someone who will actually wear it.  Cut your losses and donate (or sell!) items you don't wear.
  • Embrace less is more.  You can do more with 35 simple, lovely items than you can with a jam-packed closet that overwhelms you.   Worst case scenario if you declutter too much?  You'll have to do your laundry a little more often but you'll always be wearing one of your favourite outfits!

Happy decluttering!

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