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10 Things You Can Declutter Today Thanks to Your Cell Phone

Minimalism and Cell Phones

Our smart phones are awesome clutter-busters.  Here are 10 things you can declutter today thanks to your cell phone:

1) Calculators.  If you still have calculators in your home you can confidently declutter them knowing that you always have a calculator in your pocket.

2) Alarm Clock.  Not only can you use your phone as an alarm, you can download smart apps like the Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock that will wake you up during the ideal phase of your morning sleep.

3) Maps.  That stack of maps stuffed in your passenger side car door has been rendered obsolete by your phone's GPS.

4) Camera.  Unless you are a serious photographer, your phone camera is more than capable of providing you with quality photos.  Plus the immediate ability to edit and share makes cell phone cameras ideal for the average person.

(and if you need some tips on how to take better photos, whether on a cell phone or an actual camera, check out my friend Mat at Dad Vs Camera)

5) Home Phone.  This was a no-brainer for us many years ago.  It just doesn't make sense to pay money every month for a home phone when we both have a phone in our pockets at all times.

6) Dictionary and other reference books.  Don't get me wrong, I am a lover of old-fashioned paper books.  There is nothing like soaking into a hot bubble bath and turning the pages of a great novel or captivating memoir.  But reference books aren't cozy indulgences and everything they can tell you (only more up-to-date!) is available in seconds, via google.

7) CD's.  There are so many options for music these days that are cheaper and easier than buying individual cd's.  We us Spotify Premium for Families and love it.

8) A watch.  For some people a watch is a favourite accessory.  And if so, by all means, keep wearing one.  But the clocks on our phones have rendered watches as nothing more than jewellery.

9) User Manuals.  Trouble shooting for almost any device is a quick google search away.

10) Phone Book.  Does this one go without saying?   I suspect that the only reason they are even published anymore is because they are stocked with advertisements.  A quick google search will find you any phone number you need, often accompanied by business reviews and a website link.

What did I miss?  What have you been able to declutter thanks to your cell phone? 

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  1. So true! I threw out a calculator just a couple of weeks ago. And finally gifted a ton of VHS tapes to a thrift store.

  2. True, but not for everyone: as a teacher, I can't go for my smartphone every time I need to know the time, which is quite often. I also wonder: aren't smartphones the biggest mind clutter of our time? The less I find myself with excuses to light up mine, the better I feel.

  3. Going to purge my recipe binder tonight! I'll scan and save my family heirloom recipes, but otherwise I use pinterest for recipes (new and favorites).