Radical Simplicity and a Beautiful, Messy Life

The Daily Habit I'm Using to Inspire Productivity and Creative Energy

Productivity for momprenuers

Do you ever sit down at your desk to work on a project or create something amazing and all of a sudden your mind goes blank?  You check facebook a few times and watch some cat videos and try to work up the motivation to be the badass powerhouse creative that you know you can be but IT'S JUST NOT THERE?

I get it.  My hand is raised high.  As a momprenuer with a million things on the go, this is me to a tee. That is, until I added one simple, lovely little ritual into my day. 

So what is the one thing I've started doing that has inspired more productivity and more creativity into my precious few work hours?  

It's this:  The first thing I do when I sit down at my desk each day is write a poem. 
Yes, a poem.

It doesn't have to be artistic gold.  It definitely doesn't have to rhyme.  It doesn't even really have to make sense to anyone but you. 

Maybe it sounds crazy.  Stay with me here. 

Here's what writing a poem a day does for me:

  •  It opens my creative channels.  Much like stretching before a run, writing a quick poem before getting to work stretches out our creative muscles and gets us ready to create.
  • It warms me up to the beauty and nuance of words.  If your work involves words, poetry is a great way to wake our minds up to the cadence and and power of words. 
  • It creates routine and structure to surround my daily practice of creativity.  When we surround things in our life with  tradition we set it aside as valuable and sacred.  Like lighting candles over a special meal, or reading a bedtime book to a child.  Routines are signposts in our day that ease our body, spirit and mind into the next activity.
  • It forces me to let go off rigidity and expectations.  When you write a poem you can't be sure what will arise. You become open to new ideas and different ways of thinking about things.
  • It builds my skills as a poet.  Not that I'm particularly interested in being a poet.  This one is more of a bonus than a straight up benefit. 
  • It brings me presently into the moment. Poems are visceral. You can't write a poem while your mind is elsewhere. 

I know that some of you are thinking. 

"But I'm not a poet." 

First of all, of course you are.  Everyone is a poet.  Obvi. 

But more importantly, this isn't about the poetry.  This is about becoming present to the moment.  Bringing nothing from the hours before to your desk (or laptop or easel or whatever).  It's about teaching our brains to think outside of should, and must, and not good enough.  It's about setting yourself free to experiment and try new things.  

And, hey, you might end up accidentally writing a pretty good collection of poems. 

The Result?

I've been using this strategy for a few weeks now and I am finding that the time I spend working at my desk is more focused and productive, I am more motivated, less distracted, and full of creative ideas.  As a momprenuer it can be hard to stay on task at home, but this habit sets apart my creative work time as a separate and committed part of my day.

How to implement this habit

First of all, can I suggest that you try it for a full week before you judge it?  Any new habit can feel awkward until you become accustomed to it and see the benefits. 

Secondly, I suggest you close all unnecessary tabs while you do this.  No cat videos while you're writing your poem. 

Finally, don't spend more that 5-10 minutes on this.  It's not a productivity hack if it's eating up your time.  

What do you think?  Will you give it a try?

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