Radical Simplicity and a Beautiful, Messy Life

Simplicity as a Spiritual Practice

Minimalism and simplicity are hot topics right now.  Our culture is inundated with stuff, we are overspent, overstimulated, and overstuffed.  We long for tranquility .  But simplicity isn't new.  Infact, it's an ancient spiritual practice. 

And it's not about sparsely furnished lofts or white walls. It's not about counting my items to meet an arbitrary goal or having less than other minimalist friends.

It's about love and contentment and rejecting the well funded notion that the salve to our hearts cry lies behind the doors of the next big box store. It's about laying down our insatiably disordered affections and embracing a life that nourishes our souls.

Simplicity means quieting our appetites for new and more and bigger so that we can hear the quiet whispers of the remarkable creation around us and the God-Spirit within us. 

Friends, our hearts were meant to yearn for something more, and that something is not available at the local shopping center. We know this, but we so often live like we've forgotten it.

We have fallen for the lie that we can have safety and security and identity in our possessions. We can't.

We've been tricked into the lie that if we work hard enough and long enough we can wrest satisfaction from this world.  A satisfaction that is only found in communion with our maker.

By choosing a simple, minimalist life we reject the idea that the answer to our problems is always a credit card swipe away. We reject the lie that our God-crafted longing for beauty can be fulfilled in a store full of sparkly dishes and trinkets. We say enough is enough.

We stop trying to fill our souls with things that fill our cupboards.

Oh friends, this is the spiritual principle I know to be true:  That if I long for a deep and satisfying sense of "enough", the answer is not more, but less.

Like Henry David Thoreau can we say "I make myself rich by making my wants few."?

Because all we really need today is an experience with our creator.  All else in trinkets.

Will you join me in the spirituality of less?

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