Radical Simplicity and a Beautiful, Messy Life

4 Ways to Reclaim Simplicity in your Life (When you've gotten off track)

Five years ago we gave away half of everything we owned.  We decluttered and simplified and streamlined.  Our house was cleaner, our lives ran smoother, our hearts were quieter.

And then all hell broke loose.  Life got hard.  Really hard.  And things like minimalism and simplicity went to the back burner. We were just trying to survive.

And now we are surrounded by too much.  Too many clothes.  Too many things.  Too many commitments, and bills and to-do's.

And you know what?  That's okay.

It's okay in your life too.

Stuff ebbs and flows as we journey through seasons of life.  Simplicity take different forms.  Minimalism was never about a number of belongings anyways, but an intentional choice to seek our hearts' contentment in the things that were made to nourish our souls instead of in stuff.

Here are the ways we are seeking to reclaim simplicity this year.

1) Decluttering, one room at a time.  I look around my house and wonder where it all came from.  How did we end up immersed in stuff? Again?  And it can be overwhelming.  So we will take it one room at a time, one shelf at a time, one drawer at a time.  Go slow.  Be patient with yourself.  It doesn't all have to happen today.

2) Building white space into our lives.  Just like white space in a photo or drawing gives impact and meaning to the subject of the art, white space in our lives gives more meaning to our scheduled time.  For our family this means having atleast one evening a week with no plans, no rushing around, no errands or activities, so that there is room for relaxation and reconnection.

3) Crafting a Budget with our priorities in mind.  When you are in survival mode, it is hard to stick to a budget.  Easy trumps frugal when each day is a struggle.  Now that our feet are finally on solid ground again we can begin buying with our goals in mind.  It's hard to really enjoy the calm and joy of a simpler life when you are drowning in the weight and chaos of debt.  We are digging our way out one day at a time.

4) Practicing mindfulness.  It doesn't matter how calm and simple our life is on the surface if our hearts and minds are in chaos.  A daily practice of prayer and meditation slows the hamster wheel and allows me to find some peace.

Simplicity was never about perfection.  And minimalism was never about bare shelves.  It's about embracing life where we are at and choosing contentment in the crazy messy joy of life.  So wherever you are today, no matter how many times you've tried, you can start to create peace in your life.

Start small.  Be patient with yourself.  And embrace imperfection.

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  1. Kelly, how great to see you posting again - I have missed your words of wisdom ! Hope you are doing well. Wishing you a strong, healthy 2018 with your family and friends.
    Debbie (Calgary)

  2. Welcome back. So much I love this post :)