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15 Things I Know For Sure to Be True

I'm struggling today.  And the world as I know it feels frail and broken.  I don't know, from moment to moment what to believe.  But, as a wise friend of mine likes to say "We think in circles, but write in straight lines".  So I've decided to spell out the truest things I know today.

1. God is for us.  God is passionately, whole-heartedly for you and me.  He cherishes and treasures us.

2. We need one another.  And it is strength, not weakness, to know you need those around you.

3. Words always matter.  Choose them carefully.

4. Our pain is sacred ground.  It's okay to expect people to honour it, to take off their proverbial shoes before they enter our most fragile places.

5. People long for connection.  Most of us will say some pretty stupid and awkward things in pursuit of this.

6. It is pretty much always better to say something awkward than to avoid someone who is suffering.  

7. Forgiveness is holy work.  I don't have it figured out yet.

8. The surest way to suffer is to deny pain.  If I fight it, or refuse to feel it at all costs, I will hurt myself and those around me. But If I accept it, feel it, and release it, I can move on.

9. We are world changers, whether we like it or not.  Every one of us is going to change the world.  The question is not if, it's how.

10. Taking care of myself is not selfish.  Expecting the world to take care of me because I haven't taken responsibility for my own wellness is selfish.

11. It is well with my soul.   It's not well with my heart or my head, but it's well with my soul.

12. Sometimes people in our lives are toxic.  And it's our responsibility to stop drinking their poison.  And this is a painful, gut-wrenching process.

13. A good therapist is a smart investment.  Seriously.

14.  God will always meet me in my suffering.

15. The only thing I can change is me.  And that's more than enough to keep me busy for a lifetime.

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  1. That is all so true. I wish a lot of people could understand these thoughts.