Radical Simplicity and a Beautiful, Messy Life

Oh you conqueror, you.

Holy shit life is hard.  

Ugh. There is pain, and sin, and fear and disappointment. There are unmet needs and over-indulged desires and broken people hurting broken people.  Like, everywhere. 

Today a wise friend reminded me through tears shared together over coffee that we are all in a battle.   That the sin and pain that surrounds us is not the whole story.  That you and I are part of an epic tale of redemption, the God vs. Satan showdown that ends exactly how you might expect.  

Friends, we are in a war. 

In the old testament when God called his people into battle he didn't lighten the load.  He didn't make the enemy weak so that his people could easily emerge victorious.  In fact he allowed the enemy armies to be huge and frightening.  Sometimes he even told his own people to send some warriors home....to grow smaller, weaker.  Because how else could we know that it is the Lord who won the battle for them.

And when his people showed up in their own strength?  The enemy won.  

I am weak.  I regularly get tossed about on the waves of my emotions. I struggle to forgive, I make crappy decisions and I hurt people I mean to love well.  I know that you can relate.   But our God?  He is glorified in our weakness.  And when we show up in His strength, not ours, he does impossible feats with us.    

I don't know what kind of victory you need today.  I hardly know what my own victory would look like.  But I know that God isn't sitting back waiting to see how this plays out.

The things you and I face, friends, are not small and weak.  Those hurts and sins and seemingly insurmountable troubles are big, formidable foes and we are definitely the underdog.  But our God?   He's big enough.  He's got this.

The enemy who is a liar likes to tell us that we have no hope.  That our failures and our hurts and fears and weaknesses define us.  That it is too late, that the battle is already lost. But the Lord says that you and I are more than conquerors through God who loves us.  I don't even comprehend how we can be something beyond conquerors.  How we can more than win.  But I chose to believe God at his word.  We are more than conquerors.  

Those challenges we are  facing?  That sin that has kicked our ass more than once?  That pain that gnaws at our insides?   The fear that immobilizes us? 
Let us show up.
Let us grow small and humble, and then show up for battle. 
In his strength.  Not ours. 

God Bless you, fellow conqueror.


  1. Just came across your old blog and now looking into your new one. Love it all. wish you the best and look forward to reading more about your blogs.

  2. Refreshment...I believe I've found the oasis I've been seeking. I just keep reading and reading your posts and every.single.time I just want to share it with my people (and I am sharing). Thank you again!